Experience has taught us early morning minutes are the most magical ones. Good starts create calmer days. Sunrise wonders from the east warming the tips of the trees with its glowing rays. This view is the first fascinating reward of the day.


The second reward is the energy your body builds to overcome the day. As many studies have proved, the best moment of physical performance is at the early morning because it’s the time when your body temperature is highest. This paper from the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism demonstrates how athletes are less efficient in the evening. So wake up a move!

Another benefit is the quiet time. Early hours are the ones you’re completely alone to think whatever you feel like. Perfect to feel divine inspiration to create, write and express yourself while you finish your coffee.  

Look out the window for a brighter look of nature; flowers on the windowsill create a beautiful sight. Take your time to breathe deep and feel your personal time. Choose to do whatever makes you happy at the moment. Early wake ups give you the perfect occasion to reflect. Find new energy, look at the sky and listen the birds sing. Feel everything deeply and set your intentions right.

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