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About Us


IBIZA PASSION Is a fashion jewelry brand that reflects the experience of being in the island of Ibiza, with its hippie-chic style, unique designs and meaningful attitude towards life.

Founded in MIAMI, inspired by IBIZA & crafted around the WORLD, IBIZA PASSION is a travel junkie brand that will make you fall in love. 

We're inspired by white sandy beaches, salty water, wild nature, handcrafted jewelry, the union of body and soul, and our love for everything unique. 

But, who are we?

Simply put, Ibiza IS Passion. Passion for details, for everything handcrafted, for joy, for color, for life & for love! We are multicultural brand, formed (and some would also say deformed) around the world, by it's people and its experiences. 

We take care of details, because we know the small things in life are the ones that give the most flavor. We take pride on the way we handcraft our pieces, assuring our customers that no one piece is exactly the same. We embrace the imperfection of the materials we work with, whether it's the natural leather, stones or crystals. 

Our jewelry carries different meanings, messages, vibes  and energy depending on the mix of natural materials that they're made with. But all carry a powerful message that’s meant to reinforce each woman’s natural strength

Taking care of our planet & our people

Always conscious of our impact in the world, IBIZA Passion for Jewelry has a strict set of rules  to abide to when outsourcing and working with international vendors.

Firm in our mission to defend and protect the most basic right of humans, where ‘All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.’ Ibiza Passion carefully visits, studies and picks every vendor based on the working conditions, treatment of workers and no underage workers, among others.

80% of our collection is made by housewife artisans around the world. Ibiza Passion has taught the art of jewelry handcrafting to many stay at home women, allowing them to generate revenue and care for their children at the same time. 



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