So the cold weather hit us a couple of months ago and routine changes. Skies open up, streets turn white inundated with snow, schools close, chimneys light up and fashion releases its new collections. Winter has special frosty and fun activities we just adore. Nevertheless we have to wear the right outfit so we won’t freeze. Ibiza Passion brings you some handy accessorie recommendations to do any activity you like on your favorite season keeping your style.

On Christmas dinners are all over the place. Cooking is definitely an activity we loved doing in december. Mixing, baking and roasting can be very messy though, plus remember you have to wash the dishes. This way we went convenient and classy adding "NOA" Elastic Bracelet to our look.

When cold and snow covered the outsides we put on our hat, boots, and favorite accessories to head out and make a snowman! Our Gold Bangele w/ evil eyed-shaped is a perfect choice to add some glow and relax playing with the snow, it won’t fall off.

Don’t you love ice skating? While gliding on the ice a delicate pick is best. "PRIER" Our Elastic Cross Bracelet comes in different colors. Find the one you like most here.

Last but not least, we loved cuddling up by the fire and having a nice hot cup of cocoa. Our "FOLD ME" Suede Cuff brought us that cozy mood and wrapped us with love.


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