We know most of you have this wild soul and passion for searching new adventures out in the world. Some just can resist the wanderlust and like to do all the exploring by themselves. For those solo travelers we know a specialist who can talk to you about her experience. The fashion and travel blogger, Kriesten, from The Blonde Abroad gives us some Solo Travel Tips, especially for us girls. Remember we have to look charming all the time, anywhere.

First thing is first, and Kriesten recommends us to Research and Book in Advance. Some information about the weather, local customs and dress codes can help us suit in with no problem. “Make sure you know the basics of what to expect before you step off the plane. You’ll make better choices and get the most out of your trip” -  Kriesten.

Always pick the right destination for you. Our last blog entry has some suggestions for sweet escapes you may like. Match the place with your vibe, somewhere you know you’ll learn and enjoy by all the new things you understand. Open your mind and body to a new culture and a new way of seeing the world.

We can’t agree anymore with Kriesten, but staying healthy is a big MUST on the list. Well of course tasting all the new flavours is delicious. Anyhow, you have to keep in mind to follow a balanced diet plan and some active routines. This will not only make you fit, but it will release some endorphins and keep you healthy. We wouldn’t like to hit the doctor by any chance while traveling, especially if we are all by ourselves.


Last, but more important, remember to pack what you need but avoid overpacking. Get a checklist of everything you think you’re really going to use. Something useful and practical to get around, this applies to jewelry too. Ibiza Passions has got some accessory suggestions that will make you look fabulous without having to bring much on your luggage. Get different styles from boho to chic in any look you’d like with simple and few fashion details.

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