Summer vacays are here. If you still don’t have a destination yet, it’s ok! You’re still on time. Ibiza Passion has got you covered with these destinations you will definitely want to transport immediately. These magic places have amazing spots you can relax in all day long and enjoy from all the nature around. Even though we are beach junkies, we also like the woods, the desert and amazing cultural cities where architecture can take our breath away.

Remember a trip will always be what you make of it. So make sure to choose right destination and go along with positive vibes to enjoy as much as you can.

The Amazonas

The jungle, it’s so magical in its primitive way. With its amazingly tall trees and powerful rivers, you will be amazed and also by the humbleness of the tribes around. When the rain falls in here, it sounds like music if you listen very closely. We recommend connecting with your inner person in this spot. If you open your eyes to see the energy in the wilderness and get tuned with it, the you will truly have an amazing experience.



Loving vineyards as much as we do? A cup or two a day is good for many things in health, that’s what they say... You must prepare to delight yourself everyday, at every hour, in every corner of this country with its cuisine and patisserie. Did you know France was the first nation to have its gastronomy recognised by UNESCO as "intangible cultural heritage”? Plus look how many pretty sites you may meet.. Annecy, Provence, The Washhouses of Pontrieux...




Besides the stunning beaches and its rich culture, you can get surprised by India’s ancient heritage buildings, majestic temples (like the Taj Mahal or The Humayun Tomb in the pictures) and, of course, the impressive mountain fields. India is an fascinating country to visit.



What did you think? We would never leave out the boho-luxe paradises from our home island. Ibiza is just full of wonders. With its crystal water beaches this island is perfect to restore energies. Some say the name stands for "party 'til you drop” in old Spanish. So you better wear the best jewelry to impress your nights out. Ibiza’s characterized for the boho-chic style in their fashion. You better have that beach style arm stack on your suitcase, if not you can chose something from these beauties.



So whether you want to disconnect from all the foolishness or if you want to escape from the routine and connect with the world’s wonders, than you MUST take into account these recommendations.

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