We know we have a wide portfolio of customers scattered around the world. We’re aware of what covering a worldwide audience means. It represents a challenge for us to adapt our offers in order to provide the hottest trends for the season to all of you. So we have created this post to let you know the best things you may find from Barcelona, to Miami and all the way to Brisbane.

Oh Barcelona! Very close to our home island, this city is placed right in the middle of sea and mountains. It has found the perfect balance between the historical culture and the avant-garde. The best thing about Barcelona is the distinct passion in its architecture, art, fashion and people. We wanted to be part of this passionate city so we placed ourselves in Spain to hand out all the best vibes to everyone in Barcelona.

Miami is like our second home besides Ibiza and all the amazing places in Spain. With its wild nights and all the beach luxe around, this city is a perfect place to deliver all the fashion trends. Our main goal is to make our passionistas look best in every situation. With all the attractions and plans you may have in this rushing place, you must be prepared. This is why we present to you our main accessories available in stock for Miami to be always set to impress.

Last but not least, our newest location covered by our passion is Brisbane. We know winter is coming up in Australia. Nevertheless, Brisbane is sunny all the time. Happiness is easy to find around in the city. This is why we filled our stock with pieces only aussies will know how to show off. We wanted to keep on spreading the right message in the people here, so we choose to promote our steel bracelets.

Remember: Life is beautiful because you’re in it!

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