Are you ready to hit the beach 24/7 this summer? We are! We’ll bet you didn’t know all about our salty styles we have planning to use on this season. When we talk about the looks, we think of everything. From the bags, to the jewelry and all the way to way to your hairstyle, these elements have to make the perfect match to simply look flawless.  

We took a look around the internet, especially on pinterest, and found great hair inspo. We chose only a couple of pics to base our ideas on for the summer outfits we will show you next. As always, we got everything you’d like. If you love to braid it all up or use only some free waves on your hair, here are the best beach hair you have to use on your vacay.

Hair: The Beauty Department

Swimsuit: Ishine

Jewelry: HELIX Necklace from Ibiza Passion

Hair: The power of the pretty

Swimsuit: Ishine

Jewelry: Silver Bangle by Ibiza Passion

Hair: Pophaircuts

Swimsuit: Ishine

Jewelry: Hail Mary Necklace by Ibiza Passion


Hair: Water Baby

Swimsuit: Ishine

Jewelry: Virgin Necklace by Ibiza Passion

Hair: Shopstyle

Swimsuit: Ishine

Jewelry: Evil Eye Bracelet by Ibiza Passion


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