We can’t be more excited about this season! Even though here at Ibiza Passion it’s summer all the time, it’s the moment of the calendar where places like Miami and Ibiza enjoy from a little more sun rays than before. We know it get’s hotter, our hair gets salty, we take out the shorts and we can trade a pair of boots for some boho-chic sandals.  

Ibiza Passion likes to be prepared for everything, specially for this time of the year. Here are 5 things you should have to be all set for the beach on vacays.

Choose your favorite Ice Cream flavor and go for it on a hot day. We are all about chocolate, but if gets warmer than we prefer a fruity popsicle. To have more fun you can even make it yourself, here are some recipes to delight your senses.


Go get your favorite bikini. You have to look best in all the pool parties and beach trips to come. For this, we have a great site to choose the style you like most. From tini tiny to a one-piece swimsuit, our friends from Ishine365.com have everything for you. Take a look at their shopping lists.  

Health is first. Don’t forget to take care of your precious skin. Too much sun makes no good on your body. Follow these tips from the International Dermal Institute and prevent serious damage. Also remember to buy great sunglasses to match your style and protect your face.

Make the right decisions and follow your diet plan. To achieve your summer body goals then you have to keep a hard work. Fitness Magazine has created a fitness routine to tone it up in 21 days. Remember you can achieve best results if you include the diet plan specially made for you.

Add some color and glamour to your day to day outfit. We have the perfect boho-chic accessories to go with that little beach dress and any bikini you chose. Remember our staff made a special pick last week. You can take any idea from there for your salty style.

As always, our main focus is YOU. Just because we love you, we want you to have the best, from the best for the best season all!

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