STAFF PICKS: Check the team’s summer must-have list!

We are excited to announce summer has arrived! This means one thing and one thing only, shopping season is here too. It’s time to change the wardrobe now. Whether you like shopping with your girls on a lovely evening looking for trendy pieces or you are the persona that gets only the best and what she needs, well we’ve got you covered! By the end of the day, we know you always go for high quality and pieces that make you feel comfortable and have passed the time test.

Here’s the staff’s picks! We always want the best for you so here’s a list of what we think you should definitely add to your wardrobe this season.

Pati - Marketing Director 

The mastermind behind Ibiza Passion’s big idea, Pati, has her pick  We suggest you listen to her. After all, she has created this one big lovely jewelry brand.

Ana - Social Media Manager

Ana is all day answering any doubts you may have. Hope you’ve got in touch with her friendly personality. By her picks, we can tell she likes it classy.

Irene - Graphic Designer 

All this combination of colors and pictures to make the right design has going Irene crazy. She chose 2 perfect matches: the boho look and the night out accessories that will make you shine all around.


Maria Elena - Junior Intern

Maria Elena chose all bohemian styled pieces. This is one of our favorite combinations (but Shhh…) it’ll be our little secret. Maria will definitely look as dazzling as she always does with this boho-chic style. Don’t you think?

Marta - Designer & Visual Merchandiser

So creative Marta… She always finds that last puzzle piece missing. As always, she likes it colorful this is why she had to add a MOLI Embroided Envelope Bag to her list.


Yolanda - Manager

Hard working all the time, thank God summer’s coming so Yoly can take a break! We can see she loves the ANTALYA Collection + she matches her pick with our LAVA bag just perfect to put hey swimsuit in for her sweet escape!

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