Flowers blooming all over and we feel the urge to shop for the season. Ibiza Passion has that list you’ve been looking of the essential accessories you’ll need in the moment. We know the upcoming months involve more outdoor activities making our dreamy wardrobes much more exciting! Whether you got your eye exclusively on the classics or you’re looking for perfect basics to go with your statement item-of-the-moment, these are the essentials you’ll need for Spring 2016.

There's something about this moment of the year it just makes us go crazy for delicates. While we tell you all about outfit basics for the season such as crossbody bags, dresses and kimonos… we’ve got the perfect jewelry trends to match your favorite style.

For work, a date, or an evening escape, pearl bracelets will always be appropriate. They’re not only universally flattering, but you can style them with everything from a cute little white dress to a pair of boyfriend jeans. Bonus? You can stack them up with some other gold plated items.


With different tones our freshly arrived TERE Bracelets will get you that simple style for lunch on a weekend. Plus we have them all in pastel colors perfect for the season. And if you want to create a blowout arm party, mixing them up!

You can never have too many gold plated bangles. Check out this arm candy we love wearing daily. It will get you that sparkly touch on your wrists, plus evil eye will drive off bad energies from you.

While chains itself are a true accessory classic, styles and designs come and go. The one forever necklaces you can invest in now and wear for any occassion you like? Our chains from Pray & Love Collection. Head out to mass sunday with Hail Mary and your Virgin Necklace. Or you can get that fancy addition to a cocktail dress when heading out at night with our Lord’s Prayer Necklace.

Stock up. Seriously. Not only will this spring essentials never go out of style, but you'll never outgrow it either. What’s more? Ibiza Passion jewelry will always keep at its best for long time.

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