Getting fooled around today? Your know what they say… “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”. Get fooled once only or if you’ll fall, fall for these beauties freshly arrived for spring. Ibiza Passion has always the latests trends on its accessories’ stock. Just look exquisite at any time of the day with our delicate selection from our jewelry.

Whether it’s simple gold plated bangle or a long gold chain, these are definitely our favorites for spring.  Add boho chic style to your OOTD or get something way in advance for mother’s day. We are sure something cute will catch your eye.

Hail Mary Necklace it’s always the right pick for that nice cute girl look. Don’t forget to match it with your favorite dress.


A gold plated YOU & ME bangle is one of our favorite #ArmCandy for the season. Shop in different colors.


What do you think about these lovely virgin mary gold plated chains? Add that final perfect touch to your style with its color beads or pearls.


Always leaving best for the end: we are currently obsessed with our selection of bracelets with message. Be (YOU) Tiful, “Life’s beautiful beacuse you’re in it” and “Hope give you wings to fly” are the messages on the steel plates of our lovely bracelets.


Hope you liked our special picks… If you subscribe today on our NL get 30% OFF Site - Wide. This ain’t no April Fools’ joke – Shop what you best like only on April 1st. Suscribe Now.

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