For this weekend we decided to go downtown Miami and get to know some of this hot city influenced by the latin culture. Don’t get fooled for it’s tall buildings, Miami City is a tropical destination for many kinds of people. Whether you like something relaxing like the beach or you love having fun at night life, Miami’s got the perfect activities for you.

Go get a swim at Miami Beach. You can chill on the white sands working on your tan or you could turn up your energy with some cool sports like jet ski.


Are you a fashion addict? Don’t miss the JIS SHOW this weekend at Miami Beach. Get to know all the jewelry trends for spring. We will be waiting for you and our freshly arrived accessories specially picked for this Fashion Show.

Try out the new Hatha Yoga at Miami Beach Botanical Garden every Wednesday. Get tuned with your inner self and discover all the positive benefits of the class. You’ll just love it!

Last but not least, if you’re a dancer, you should definitely hit the nightclub after a delicious meal. Have your street style w/ Ibiza Passion and go get cuban with some salsa moves or get crazy at these clubs: LIV, Space, Mynt.

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