TOP TREND 👉🏼 👉🏼 These ''AMULETTE'' necklaces

Good luck jewelry is all the rage when it comes to the “it” street trend.

 We need jewelry with meaning, with passion and a purpose…. So Ibiza Passion set out to create the ultimate necklace collection. The main purpose, to reach every belief and trend-focused passionista with our pendants.

 Our fave one is the AMULETTE collection. Every crystal has a different property and every crystal allows you to enhance a certain aspect of your life. Find what defines you and then let that make you stronger.

 Here is a list of our crystal necklaces.

WISDOM : Red + blue = purple. Wisdom comes from listening to your heart and head and you do it better than anyone. Your advice is always pure gold for those who get it. 

Amulet crystal gold chain necklace


INTUITION : blue like water - You trust what you feel more than what you think. Your intuition flows through your mind like water through a river. Listen to it, it's your soul whispering. 

Amulet crystal gold chain necklace


BALANCE : Black + White = GreyHappiness is not a matter of intensity, but of finding the perfect balance between extremes. No one better than you can find that perfect harmony 

Amulet Crystal gold chain necklace

LOVE : Pink like a flower - You're sweet and delicate like a flower. Your smile, your eyes and gestures are a beautiful reflection of your heart. Your love is your biggest treasure

Amulet Crystal Gold Chain Necklace


PASSION : Red like a beating heart - _You're all heart. You know how to listen to the beat of your heart and let yourself be guided by them. You're full of life, energy and hope

Amulet crystal gold chain necklace


ENERGY: Yellow like the sunYou're quick, happy and full of energy. Just like the sun, you shine bright and light everything around you. Everyone around you grows with your light 

Amulet crystal gold chain necklace


Find what defines you... and let that make you stronger! 


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