Maxi Tote Bag? Yes, Please!

Beach totes scream beach, summer and most of all, vacation… but you don’t have to be on vacation to wear one and look like a stylish Euro babe.

Tote bags are mega versatile. Most of them are pretty big, so they make an excellent maxi bag. You gotta go to the gym? Tote bag! Gotta go grocery shopping? Tote bag!

Our straw tote bags are stylish and better yet, functional. We’ve rounded up every size that you might ever need in this natural and chic material. Made 100% by hand, and with 100% natural materials…. Leather and straw! 

Hey, these totes are the only beach bags you will ever need. They’re big and can hold a whole sea of stuff.

Can we get one of each, please?

Shop these totes… but hurry! They won’t last.


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