It has been all about Olympic Games these days, the eyes of the world are centered in this great sports event that only occurs every four years. In 2016 the host city is Rio de Janeiro, an Atlantic beauty, with tropical weather and gorgeous beaches.

Rio is the second largest and the most populated city in Brazil. This cosmopolitan city is well known for their natural beauties, warmth and the joyful personality of their people.

It´s a city of contrast, the mountains and the well-known Pao de Azucar by the ocean creates a breathtaking view, making it a tiny part of the many enchanting beauties of the city. The beaches of Ipanema, Copacabana and the iconic Christ the Redeemer (one of the seven Wonders of the World) are places that we find truly inspiring.

Take it from us, Rio is known as the city of Samba and officially the best spot in the world to travel to and enjoy the top Carnival parties. We’re regulars at the Sambodromo during Carnival season and it is, without a doubt, a must-see show! Rio is the perfect fusion of tradition, natural beauty and fun…

Today, we want you to live the boho-chic style inspired in the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, to make you feel there:

ibiza passion handbag bracelet necklace long stone

Ash tote white bag with leather tassel - Faceted crystal elastic bracelet grey - Long layered silver necklace with grey stone

long necklace tassel handbag colorful rio de janeiro ibiza passion bracelets fashion

Long natural stone and crystals necklace with tassels - Crystals and gold squared bracelets in light pink and in turquoiseFlavia Handmade Backpack multicolor

necklace stone onrange nature boho chic bracelet turquoise handbag rio de janeiro ibiza passion

Bohemian handbag with turquoise stones and coral - ISHY wood and stone long necklace - Turquoise and gold bracelet

Find these tropical boho-chic looks to complete your Rio de Janeiro inspired outfit, and many more accesories @

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