5 ways to accessorize your looks without going unnoticed

Maybe one of the greatest things about summer is that we can show a little bit of skin and display the accessories as we like. But, how do we know that we are doing it on point? Well, we can, first follow these simply steps a) Follow your instinct or b) Take inspiration from the bloggers and artists that we admire, to see how they do it.

One of the latest trends on accessories that we love at Ibiza Passion is the Boho-Chic style. It’s all about connecting your spirit, mind, and soul with polished fashion.

1 - Choker necklace (with the now classic evil eye): It has been in style for a while and it seems that it’s going to stay a long time, and with a growing fan base. At IBIZA PASSION, we are getting ready to launch a new collection with tons of cute chokers emphasizing in mystic symbols.

How Chiara Ferragni wears it - choker magic eye Chokers IBIZA PASSION mystic jewelry

2 - Layered necklaces: This is a really delicate trend and there’re a lot of ways of using it! mixing materials, shapes and length. Bella Hadid seems to be hooked on this trend at the beach and we’re hooked as well!

Bella Hadid necklace layered fashion jewelry Ibiza Passion fashion jewelry short layered necklaces

3 - Arm party: Making an arm party in our wrist makes a statement in our everyday outfits and it looks cuter if accompanied by a big watch. Chiara Ferragni knows how to do it, as one of the most famous trendsetters, she wears it with wrap bracelets. But at IBIZA PASSION we like to make our arm parties a bit funkier and opt for our pearl wrap bracelets! We love the summery touch of the pearls combined with our gold plated hardware bracelets!

Chiara Ferragni arm party fashion jewelry big watch Ibizia Passion arm party arm stack big watch pearls gold pleated wrap bracelet

4 - Long hippie necklace: It’s a summer must-have accessory... it goes well with almost every casual and beachy outfit. Chiara Biasi knows how to wear it and it goes perfectly every time as she spends a lot of time at the beach. At IBIZA PASSION we have different models of long necklaces, but this is one of our favorites:

Chiara Biasi blogger long hippie necklace fashion jewelry Ibiza Passion long necklaces pom pom fashion jewelry

5 - Gold plated layered necklaces: Another of the must have fashion jewelry trends is the always layered necklace. There’re many styles, finishes and lengths, but most of them include a delicate and elegant pendant. This trend goes well with literally everything! From beachwear to formal dresses, it’s the cherry on top of every casual outfit.

Sincerely Jules likes to wear her favorite pendants with a hippie dress, that combined reach the boho chic perfection. At IBIZA PASSION we have a great variety of gold plated necklaces perfect for layering!

Sincerely Jules blogger gold plated necklaces layered fashion jewelry Ibiza Passion blogger gold plated necklaces layered fashion jewelry

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