Hey you, good looking! Are you searching that perfect summer body? We’ve got a little recipe you’ll love us for. This Pineapple Water with Cucumber will add some flavor to your life + it will help you achieve your fitness goals. It’s very simple: first you’ll have to cut your cucumber and your pineapple in little cubes, freeze them and add them to a big jar of water. Finally, serve when you wish…

Just by drinking water you will accelerate your metabolism and if you add another metabolism booster like the pineapple then you’ll definitely tell your body to burn what you eat fast. This fruit also contains various antioxidants that will help you prevent from bloating and swelling after you eat. On the other side, the cucumber will give a nice fresh touch to your water’s taste. And if you feel like it, you can do the same recipe but with sparkling water and some mint.

Ibiza Passion is always thinking of you and your health. After all, life is beautiful because you’re in it! Sit down to relax on your saturday and sip this delicious hydrating treat

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