Just because it’s summer and we’ve got to enjoy the weather going for a splash, Ibiza Passion went on an amazing surf day with Izzy from @IzzyIsUp making her beach style just right. This lovely passionista has a delightful taste in jewelry. She picked Ibiza Passion’s gold plated necklace with her initial on it to practice her favorite hobby.

Izzy loves riding waves no matter if it’s sunny or not. Her passion is the sea and surfing is the sport she chose to dive in! Of course she can’t leave out her boho-chic style out so she added a simple detail from us ‘cause she knows even simple makes a big difference. This is how lovely she looked.

What’s your passion? Share it with us on a comment below. And remember to pick Ibiza Passion as your perfect accessory if you’re going out to do what you love. Get your initial now only at!

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