Boho-chic feather accessories for summer!

One of our latest arrivals are the feather earrings, feather necklaces and feather headbands… and we are utterly obsessed with them.

 Feathers are a symbol of freedom and spirituality. They are ordinary yet mystical object with the power to guide and inspire. What’s not to love about them?!

 They require a delicate care since they are all natural feathers, but it makes any outfit instantly stand out.

 Now that summer is around the corner, these feathers are the perfect accessories for those hot summer days.

 These delicately chosen feathers will guide you through your day looking effortlessly chic. From a wide range of colors and sizes to pick from, our feather earrings will be nothing short of fabulous.

 Now that you know feathers are back for summer, don't forget to get your feather headband for the perfect bohochic look!

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