Improv photoshoot with the Ibiza Soulmade Girls!

A couple of weeks ago we decided to have an improv photoshoot… it was very last minute, but it came out great!

We called up our favorite photographer, Silvia Mazabal, and a couple of our Ibiza girls and went ahead on the hunt for a great location.

It was a bit frustrating because we wanted to break out of the ordinary and shoot at a place that didn't look like Miami… and guess what? We found it!

We went to a closed golf course in Coral Gables. Apparently, they’re remodeling the entire course so they let the grass die, and for us, it was once in a lifetime opportunity! The course looked like a beautiful brown dessert with pops of green from the trees that were still standing.

 We tried to shoot many different looks in only two hours. For all those of you who don’t know the BTS (behind the scene) work… this is a miracle! To shoot 6 looks in less than 2 hours (including make-up and hair) is pretty much unheard of! But leave it to the Ibiza team to pull anything off!

 Enough writing, we’ll leave you to enjoy the amazing images with all the cuffs, leather bracelets, stone necklaces & earrings from Ibiza Soulmade Jewelry!









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