For some it’s the family day, for others it’s just a relaxing Netflix Sunday, for us Sundays are the days we wear turquoise. We don’t use the color in all our outfit but Ibiza Passion knows how to give that boho simple touch with turquoise stones and beads on its jewelry. Whether you are more of a necklace girl or an arm party chic, you must choose your favorite accessories to wear it right for the tradition.  

Our Druzzy Quartz is an easy way to add some magic to your outfit. The turquoise stone has been used for protection over the years. Plus if you want to get that boho luxe style you have to sport this chain around your neck.

The SARA Multicolor Ethnic Necklace is a great way to impress around if you’re going to a sunday brunch. Put it on over some white clothing to make a cute contrast and if you wear it loose it will give you a lovely tribal trend.

This freshly arrived necklace is one of our favorites. HELIX Crystal & Stone Necklace is mostly liked by mom’s. Maybe you can consider getting one for Mother’s Day next Sunday.

On the other hand, you can add this leather woven bracelet with turquoise stones to your arm stack. Create the perfect boho arm party to get out this Sunday for field day. Don’t forget to match them with your boots.

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