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"AMULETTE" Orange Amulet Crystal Necklace - SUCCESS-

  • Sterling silver & 18K gold plated
  • Orange crystal 
  • Drop 18'' 
  • Engraved amulet on back
  • Includes a packaging which turns into a display stand
  • Explanation of each crystal included
Success: Orange like fire - Your ideas are sparks of light that, like fire, spread your success. Because you have that 'savoir faire' that makes everything go your way. 



  • Keep your piece away from beauty products such as creams, perfumes, lotions, sprays, oils, etc.
  • Remember to always take off your piece when you exercise, shower or do house chores.
  • When you’re not wearing your piece, make sure you put away in the pouch it comes in. That way it will stay protected!

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