Today is International Yoga Day and we’re so excited about it! Yoga is a discipline that trains body and mind. It brings your thoughts to the present moment and, with the meditation included, it will balance your energies to align with your true purpose in life. We know many of you passionistas are, if no complete yogui lovers yet, then you are diving into this world of peaceful but hard training discipline and relaxation method.

Just because we know exactly what you need we want to bring your this quick morning yoga routine you can incorporate to your day a day, one day of this week or on the weekend. No matter where you are, get up for your asana (your yoga practice) and feel the energy building up in your body with this mourning routine made by Tara Stiles brought to you by Women’s Health. It’s only 15 minutes, so you’ve got no excuse!

Don’t forget to give an intention to your practice. With Ibiza Passion steel bracelet with message you will always remember “Life is beautiful because you’re in it!”. So, dedicating your practice to yourself and thanking your body and soul for taking a moment to take care of you would be some reminders you must take into account.

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