One of the best things God could gave us women: BAGS! ‘Cause we are falling over these lovely bags, clutches and envelopes that freshly arrived a couple days ago to rock our world! Whether you have a night out classic style for today or super chic sunday evening look or even wanting to go and escape to the beach for the day, we have what you need. All styles, everything is a trend!

Watch out for summer, you’ll definitely want to match your accessories to what you’re wearing. For that you will be needing many options to pick out your favorite one. Therefore, Ibiza Passion brings you it’s newest bags…

Need something colorful for your OOTD? Our MOLI Embroidered Envelope Bag could be the perfect accessory to complete your perfect style. Check it out in many colors.

Our super boho-chic saddle bag KAHIKI in red or black are just perfect to make you stand out from the crowd. Remember to match them to some leather boots or some lovely feathered sandals.

If you’re planning to make a little escape to the beach then you MUST take everything you’ll need in your FLAVIA Handmade Backpack. Don’t forget to put it the sunblock, sun is super intense, specially in summer.

So if you’d like to have a picnic this evening with someone special, remember to put everything you need in TROY Suede Leather Bag. It takes bohemian style to another level giving a little mix with tribal patterns on the sides.  

We are all fashion addicts and when it comes to bags and accessorizes, Ibiza Passion feels delighted to show you it’s greatest pieces. Don’t miss out our freshly arrived products, they run out quick!

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