There’s always a reason to look beautiful. No matter if you don’t have a special occasion or if you don’t have to go out to the streets, the most important person you have to be pretty for is yourself. If you’re one of those passionistas who loves simple but chic looks and is searching for some fashion inspo to be inspired on for your OOTD, then we’ve got what you need. Fall in love with these passionistas’ taste in fashion.

Go for Beach Style

Marimi from Algo Para Ponerme matched her fringed short tunic from Ibiza Passion’s new clothing line in Spain with a lovely turquoise Arm Stack and a flower stamped envelope bag. She just looks lovely in her boho-chic salty look!

Drop it like it’s hot

Just like Estefanía from Con Dos Tacones. This other passionista has an exquisite taste in fashion and decides to use her gold plated Virgin Mary Necklace from Ibiza Passion for her summer street style.

Invest in more classic pieces to add the right spark

Elena from SshoppingSstyle layers her Lord’s Prayer large medal necklace over her sunday outfit. Of course the combination of bag + shoes matching her gold plated necklace gives the right amount of glow to her cute outfit.

Say hello to summer trends

Estefanía is one of our treasured passionistas who is always wearing the latest trends in fashion. For the season she wears a lovely jumper showing off her gold plated necklaces including her Virgin Mary Necklace. Pumps up for your pool day… and don’t forget the sunglasses!


Pay attention to the details

Again, Estefanía takes her virgin necklace for a ride on the boat on the weekend. She knows even though this gold plated necklace is a simple detail, those are the ones that give the most flavor to life. So this beauty chooses to wear Ibiza Passion on her yacht look.  

Enjoy the summer looking amazing with Ibiza Passion accessories. We are passion for fashion and want to show our hottest inspo looks from boho-chic styles. Our main goal is for you to know “Life is beautiful because you’re in it”.

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