We work very hard all week long waiting for the best day: FRIDAY!! Yes #TGIF and we are ready to make the weekend just better with a few of our favorite things. We love to be right on the fashion trends just as you do. And we love that’s still summer season too!

We are falling over summer now so here’s a list of all the season’s perks: from bikinis, to amusing beach plans, boho chic style jewelry and all the way to love messages in steel bracelets. There are many things that just drive us crazy and we’re going to boost our weekend up by mixing all of these together.

Long weekend beach trip
Crochet Bikinis from I SHINE 365
Bracelets with message just like this one. Life is beautiful if you’re in it!
Boho Chic Look from NUDEVOTION
Favorite Quote
Ibiza Passion’s Rings from ANTALYA Collection
Lazy Sundays
This is pretty much how this weekend is going to look for us… See you monday! Love to all our passionistas <3

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