On these sunny summer days, we feel the passion for the hottest trends like donuts, flamingos and flowers. Yes! We are talking about the new inflatables that have been taking over all backyard and hotel pools. The best plan you can do for the weekend is chill around with your gals in the pool having some margaritas or making an incredible splash out pool party to celebrate vacays are here. Whether you do either plan you might want to be prepared with these oversized floats to decorate the place. Get ready to join the fun watching the little ones wrestling with the foam noodles while you relax on your inflatable lounger.

When summer comes arrives, people remember the refreshing power the fruits! Specially the delicious watermelon you can float on it now too.

Same thing with donuts! Who doesn’t love donuts? We do, so we took a bite on this one.

As the ugly duckling matures in the prettiest bird of all, the swan, you can too! Ride on with the coolest float of all.

Like it better in pink? Then get the flamingo one…

Have the funnest days in summer enjoying of the newest trends Ibiza Passion brings you!

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