Get your Coachella outfit on point with Ibiza Passion!

 It’s that time of the year again… Coachella is fast approaching and we’re hard at work getting all our outfits ready for this year’s edition.

You see, being on trend and getting your Coachella outfit ready is a task that requires quite a bit of preparation. Coachella is the ultimate place to see-and-be-seen, to spot upcoming trends and to showoff your personal style to the world.

At Ibiza Passion we’ve got some nifty proposals to get your Coachella fashion on trend and be the talk of the festival! 

Let’s start with one of our favorite accessories, cuffs!

We spotted the ultimate boho-chic model, Rocky Barnes with our KISSME Cuff. It’s made entirely of natural suede leather, hand sewn with natural stones, crystals, and beads. This masterpiece won’t go unnoticed… we promise!

Rocky Barnes Cuff Jewelry Ibiza Passion

Another vital accessory to keep an eye on are rings, big statement rings are making a big splash this season and you should surely have yours. Made with Alpacca silver and natural stones, these rings are said to have the power to alter the mood and shy away all those negative vibes.

Statement stone ring jewelry Ibiza Passion

There are many ways to have your outfit stand out, but nothing like wearing a great statement necklace… and Coachella is THE place to wear outrageous things. Although we will never opt for being outrageous, we will surely allow some edgy jewelry.

Boho handmade statement necklace ibiza passion

 How amazing is this necklace?! All 100% handmade, which means no necklace will ever be the same. Made with the best quality materials in the market, natural leather, turquoise stones, feathers, and wood. Simply a fantastic statement necklace!

 We’ve got some more new ideas coming soon on how to get your Coachella outfit on trend this seasons, so stay tuned for the posts to come!

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