We believe every piece of jewelry should have a meaning. Representing a boho chic style, Ibiza Passion accessories are full of personality packed with joy and passion. As fashion addicts, we care about small details because they are the ones that make the difference. Our passion is conveyed by our materials and designs.

Get a gold steel badge, engrave it with a beautiful message and have a classic bracelet to gift out or keep it with love.


Match some color suede with a gold plated heart and a nice phrase on it. Our PATI Heart Wrap is a handy accessory for any occasion.


Looking for some protection? Find the proper guard in our gold plated chains with religious engravings.


That gold plated bangle with green semi precious gems make a perfect bohemian piece…


Mixed metal bangles are just right for a bohemian look.


Finally this month Ibiza Passion filled its website with fresh new arrivals. Just because we love you, we created a curated compendium of our fave new pieces that just got in!

Meet our New Collection

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