Life itself should have a soundtrack. There is always that perfect song that sets up the mood for every moment or situation. Music is inspiring and stimulates every cell of your body. Whether you are in love or not so much, Ibiza Passion has the perfect songs to warm the heart.

Love is a personal feeling shared only with those special ones who you enjoy with. This month, we want to hear nice words and love stories that feed our spirits with positive vibes.

If you’re planning on a cozy evening by yourself or with some company, you have to add these songs to your playlist and allow to warm your heart with its sweet melodies.

Ed Sheeran - Thinking out loud

Coldplay - Magic

Bruno Mars - Just the way you are

John mayer - Your body is a wonderland

Kings of Convenience - 24-25

Michael Bublé - L.O.V.E

Josua Radin - I’d rather be with you

Jason Mraz - Love Someone

Check for more lovely songs at our Spotify Channel.

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