Since the beginning, we have thought about all the things we would inspire on to convey you a beachy, free and naturist vibe from Ibiza island. We wanted to be inspired by the fashion that characterized its personality, more than by its landscapes or lifestyle.

While studying Ibiza’s fashion path we found a strong influence from the Hippie Movement occurred in the 60s. The trend at the time, plus tourism development populated the mediterranean island with pure artists who defined a unique style.

Ibiza Passion believes that small things are the ones that bring flavor to life. This is why we care about every single detail in our designs. Inspired by the white island, we fell in love for fashion. The passion we feel is what we want to spread out with each of our accessories.

To represent the bohemian style, Ibiza Passion uses stones, semi precious gems and gold plated pieces. Click each bracelet for more.

Our designs are full of bohemian style colors. While the Hippie Movement is a historical legend in many countries around the world, its presence is felt all the time at Ibiza island. Learn more in every piece.

Last, our collection of bracelets with message definitely transmits our love for nature and for all those who integrates it. Fall in love with our different designs and colors. Check more clicking the bracelet.

We are love for fashion! Ibiza Passion want to give you the newest trends. This is why we dived into New York and Madrid Fashion Week to inspire on styles for this fall. Check the hottest looks here from New York’s Fashion Week and here from Madrid’s.

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