Love is in for the month! It’s time to get romantic and suit your surroundings to celebrate. Movie date night never gets old. Make sure you have the perfect flick to inspire the right feeling for the moment. Ibiza Passion brings you its list of the best movies for a lovely evening. From strangers to soulmates, there are a million stories that excite us! Here are 4 you can’t miss:

The Vow

With Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum, The Vow teaches how a man wins a woman’s heart all over again, day by day after a car accident that produced a memory loss. Here is how he inspires her with much more than jewelry.


A Walk To Remember

Lets go back a couple of years and remember Mandy Moore starring Jamie, a girl with huge dreams and wonderful heart who made Shane West fall into the most sincere love. Even though she didn’t wear much accessories, this man saw the greatest in the simplest.

About time

Travel in time with this english man who does everything to make it perfect for his lover and find the true meaning of letting go. Once again starring Rachel McAdams and Domhnall Gleeson.


PS I Love You

Hilary Swank deals through her grief with a little help from her husband who also inspired her to turn into a fashion stylist. Fall in love with Gerard Butler and his romantic notes to her.

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