February is definitely the month to obsess with sweets. Valentine’s Day is celebrated by friends and lovers who gift out presents to express their love. Whether you received a bag of candy, some flowers, a box of chocolates, jewelry or coupons to spend, all of these are reasons to cheer up and feel the love.

Sometimes it’s hard to say or express what you really feel. This is why we complied a list of our favorite sweets gifted on Valentine’s to show you some ideas on how to pamper your loved ones!


Accessories are always easy and ideal gifts. Ibiza Passion shows its taste for details with its lovely bracelets with message. << Life is beautiful because you are in it >> That’s the memo to spread with this arm candy.


The consuming passion. We have never tried a chocolate we don’t like. It is always the best answer to any trouble. Our favorite:


Matching t shirts, new shoes, new pajamas or a lovely watch are also dazzling presents. Good taste in fashion will always conquer a girl’s heart right?  

Handy sweets

Not all sweets are edible or wearable, some are very useful. Mini speakers or mini photo printers are specially convenient to celebrate the day. A cute new coffee mug will always remember that special one of you since the beginning of the day. Also, if you have really no idea but you just might now his or her favorite store, get a gift card!

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