“You came as a ray of light

Made my life cheerful and bright

Showering your affection over me

So that my face is full of glee

Taking away my complete loneliness

And giving me back all the happiness

With a mild touch of your care

To keep me away from despair

I'll never leave you midway

And tales of our bond people will say”

People say true friendship is when you find a second self in a person. If you already met that special someone it’s very important to hold on tight. Some friends declare their feelings in a poem, others in a song and others in a gift. Ibiza Passion believes in the power of expression to keep the love. This is why we take Valentine’s month very seriously. We are passion for details and jewelry, so we have a unique way to say I Love You.

We have designed exclusively a bracelet with the message: “Life is beautiful because you’re in it”. Our goal is to make the person using this to feel loved, because we believe that each of us is unique and special building life as we know it. Fashion blogger Agostina Saracco found the cozyness in our jewelry on her trip to Andalucia, Spain and gave it a twist. With her boho style she sported our bracelet matching it with her comfy coat using lovable colors.

Spread the love this month just like Agostina Saracco did. Give it your own personal style or gift it to your soulmate. Plus we have a special sale going on till Valentine’s.


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