Ibiza Passion wants to be with you on your best days at the coast. Our accessories are a perfect combo for a beach life. Hawaii is one of our dream destinations besides our homeland. Beach babe Erynk Krouse let us explore with her Island of Oahu. This place is a wonderful paradise full of positive energy. She showed us wonderful places to rest in peace.  

This wonderful babe took us for a splash and went for a salty style sporting our jewelry from our Antalya Collection.


Eryn didn’t mind getting soaked with the island vibes. The ocean is her favorite place and she shows her passion wearing her Turquoise Ring from the Antalya Collection.

The sea bathe her spirit and Ibiza Passion let her feel free with the ANTALYA Onix Silver Necklace. She absorbed the vitality of the salty water and reflected the vibes with her jewelry. Thank you so much Eryn for taking us in your adventure!

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