We are now at the middle of January already and time won’t stop at any moment. Lets look forward to the next 11 months by surrounding us with positive vibes. Here are 6 phrases to get you inspired and start out your year with enthusiasm!

Life is beautiful because you’re in it

Ibiza Passion believes you are the reason to exist. Without your there is no one we can express our love to, there would be no one to share our passion with. All of our bracelets from the Happiness collection have a special message for you to carry out. “Life is beautiful because you’re in it” is one of our mottos. Check the rest here.

Be (you) tiful

The best way to shine is by being yourself. Every single detail makes you different and unique. The originality is what makes you beautiful. This is why the phrase in our Happiness collection bracelet stands out the word “you”, because the beauty reflected by your body is the consequence of your personality, of your soul.

Take every chance, drop every fear

Although this paper talks about business, the author makes good recommendations on how to master fear. One way is to understand fear as a challenge. The key to overcome the feeling is to keep positive. Our Antalya carved ring with Onyx stone can help you with it because it guards against negativity. Get it here.

Make today ridiculously amazing

The only person who can control your day is yourself. What may result from a situation depends on you, on the way you process the issue and how you react to it. You have the power to decide how your day is going to be. A Quartz is a power stone that enhances energy by absorbing, storing, amplifying, balancing, focusing and transmitting. Feel the power with our Druzy Quartz Pendant Necklace and make the best out of your day.  

Love every step of the way

Every situation (good or bad) will always teach you something. Think about an event that first made you really sad or angry and then took you to a stronger phase of your life. In every issue there’s a lesson to discover and in every stage there’s something to be passionate about. Remember to love every moment and keep your passion. You can use our Heart Wrap Bracelet as a reminder.

Appreciate everything you are

As passionistas we love details. We believe small things in life are the ones with most flavor. Every part of you is what makes you different and beautiful. Acceptance and gratitude are two emotions we should always have towards ourselves. We have to accept we are not perfect and that our flaws make us human. We have to be thankful for what we have all the time. Appreciate what life has given you. Wear Ibiza Passion accessories, feel their energy and remember.

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