New Year, New Slate

Happy New Year, passionistas! 2015 ended up fast and so did the Christmas sales. For the beginning of this new lap we have created a list of things that will make you it a pleasant and fresh start. Just because we love you, we have a special treat that will help you accomplish one of the next recommendations.

  • Make a 2015 resolution of those key happenings (good and bad) that defined your journey. Appreciate the good moments, let go of bad experiences and embrace the lessons.
  • Clean out your surroundings. Get all your belongings from your house, office, and anywhere else where you spend big part of your time. Reorganise them, clean the place and throw away everything you don’t need. You can split the work in different dates and spaces. For example, your closet, bathroom and bedroom on Monday, the kitchen on Tuesday and so on…
  • Here is our special treat we mentioned: Renovate your closet taking full advantage of our final sale for the season. Once you’ve cleaned and thrown away everything you don’t need, you can start picking out new clothing and accessories you definitely fall in love for. Check out our accessories here.
  • Put out your intentions with a list of prompts for the month. Start from scratch and establish new challenges you want to undertake.
  • Sign up on new course of something you like or you have always wanted to do. Maybe you already wrote it down on your list of prompts, but you have to make sure you really do it now. You can choose from any activity. It could be a new college subject, a dance, cooking or spanish class, yoga meditations, etc.

Don’t let all these advises remain as promises. Stick to them and see fruitful results. Attract positive vibes cashing in our promotions. Ibiza passion wishes to set your wild spirit free.

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