Ayurveda is an alternative medicine from India. Its principle is based on balance and considers unhealthy the suppression of natural urges. Besides healing, it helps staying vibrant while realizing your human greatness. 

It believes every being has three elemental substances called doshas and that the balance among those results in health, while imbalance results in disease. Each person should moderate their behavior and environment to balance their doshas and maintain their natural condition.

Ayurveda considers the internal being as a reflect of mother nature. This is why our bodies sense the seasons’ shift and generated weather patterns around world. Perform at best for Christmas period and start the day right.

Dedicate a short amount of time each morning to align your body with nature’s dynamic rhythms while strengthening your digestive power. It will have an amazing affect on your general state of well-being. 

Awake: Try to wake up a little later than normal, specifically with the sunrise. 


a) Empty your organism right after you rise. This will help you eliminate toxins built up overnight.

b) Blow your nose to clean your channels and inhale more oxygen.

c) Scrap your tongue to remove bacteria so it won’t recycle back into the body. 


Activate: Exercise on an empty stomach, fit in your yoga practice. Inversions help flushing blood and energise your lymphatic system.

Stimulate: Before breakfast drink warm lemon water. Place some ginger in your favorite cup, squeeze in some fresh lemon and cover it with hot water. Allow the tea to sit for a couple of minutes and then you can add honey. 

Invigorate: After drinking your tea, eat a nutritious breakfast. In Ayurveda it is believed that breakfast is not necessarily the biggest meal of the day, too much food can shock the digestive system. Find a breakfast option that is appropriate for your constitution. Then sip on warm water throughout the day. 

Freshen up: Slather on sesame oil as it is warming. Giving yourself a massage before showering will help release skin toxins, stimulate the nerves, relax the muscles and lubricate the joints. Once oiled you can sit down a while an meditate to finish the routine with a fresh bath. 

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