Many of you passionistas feel a wanderlust impulse of packing everything up in a bag and dive into the world of travelling. Others just feel like flying somewhere they can relax in for a while, away from the routine. If you like stories about traveling or discovering any tips from others’ experience, then you must take a look at these 5 book recommendations we’ve go for you. Be careful, you may be absorbed by the pages of these amazing stories.

Unlikely Destinations: The Lonely Planet Story from Tony and Maureen Wheeler

Audience says it is like mixing an autobiography, with a business story and a travel book. This valuable piece tells the story of Tony and Maureen Wheeler's and the “evolution of their travel guide business into the world's largest independent travel publishing company”.

The Alchemist from Paulo Coelho

They say all travelers are dreamers and this is a book about following your dreams. Full of beautiful quotes to live by, it tells the story about a boy who learns to love and the meaning of life with its trip from Spain to Egypt.

Into The Wild from Jon Krakauer

Christopher McCandless, AKA Alexander Supertramp, is this wild spirit boy who want to live in touch with nature. Read how Cristopher, frustrated in the society he lives in, donates all his money to charity and decides to search for a better place he really belongs.

On The Road from Jack Kerouac

This timeless travel novel shows us how Sal becomes a better, stronger and more confident person throughout his travel adventures. His long trip starts in New York City when he leaves heading west all the way to San Francisco with his friends, riding the rails and partying the night away.

The Beach from Alex Garland

Wanting to meet something new, something untouched? Be careful for what you look for. The Beach is the story of Richard searching for an idyllic beach undiscovered. But when he arrives paradise it wasn't what he imagined. You can’t visit Thailand before you read the book.

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