We’d like to welcome May with our favorite accessories to complete the Arm Parties for your boho-chic looks. Are you ready for this new month? We are definitely ready for better days! When a new month arrives, new energies come too and so do fashion and jewelry trends. Of course, the trends we are most looking forward to is Ibiza Passion's!

Be prepared to experience our hottest jewelry based on the most boho-luxe fashion inspos’. This means LOTS of bracelets! Make this early summer as pretty as YOU are with illuminating and light-reflecting Ibiza Passion accessories. Check out a few of our favorite pieces below.

Our macrame bracelets are a colorful way to welcome May. Stack them up to create a fun and vibrant Arm Stack, with an endless amount of sparkle. These bracelets with gold plated squared beads are stunning! If you love to have an arm full, look for Ibiza Passion Macrame Bracelets – you’ll get more charm for your style.


Another way to just stand out from the crowd with the best energies are our Bracelets with Message. SPREAD IT AROUND “Life is beautiful because you’re in it” or “Be (you) tiful” are one of the messages these lovely bracelets have on their plaque. Wear it, feel it, believe it these accessories will bring a “wow” factor to any outfit with all positives vibes!

Celebrate a new start by refreshening your jewelry stock. Don’t miss our special sales for the month. Remember Mother’s Day is coming up!

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