Looking out for some inspo on the street style of the Festival outfits, we found a lovely blog post written by Chantal on Cocorosa.com where she talks about her favorite “Top 10 Fashion Bloggers Festival Looks”. We couldn’t agree any more! The combination of these bloggers combined create a vast variety of options for you to get inspired on…

Mixed metals over lace are one of our favorite combos! Amanda from Oracle Fox exposes her style by Stacking up her bracelets and layering her necklaces. Check out Ibiza Passion Fringe Necklace from the Antalya Collection in black and silver as the main accessory to draw all the attention.

Dresses are our favorite! They makes us look girly and just by adding the right jewelry your boho outfit will be complete. For a simple dress like the one Shea Marie’s wearing you can add, just like her, a gold plated long necklace… our suggestion >> our large medal Lord’s Prayer Necklace.

The black hat is a MUST! You can’t go to Coachella without your hat. Wear it with a dress, a long skirt or mix it up with a fringed kimono like Lizzy did. For the final touch…  get a ring for every hand.

Play with black and neon colors just like Chiara with her new skirt. She looks lovely wearing it simple + her bracelet stack matches neon details. For more vivid colors, check out Mandala Madness and add it to your favorite wear.

Badass babe Angelica Blick puts on her boots and her tribal long jacket for new adventures. Her fantastic sunglasses make her festival ready! What’s she missing?... we guess some nice Silver Tribal earrings that’ll get her that boho style.

Add the right accessories to your Festival Outfit with Ibiza Passion. Don’t miss the party over some bad fad.

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