We’re always looking for some fashion inspo watchin the trends on bohemian Instagram accounts that guide us on what to add to Ibiza Passion Jewelry stock. On our intense search we have chosen 5 of our favorite fashion bloggers.  Get crazy over these boho styles that will make you stand out from the crowd.  

Of course, Rocky Barnes is one of our favorites. This beach babe from Cali knows how to catch our attention all the time with her first-hand outfits. With a fearless attitude her blog is full of boho-chic and a beach style. Follow her at @Rocky_Barnes


With a gypsy soul and a waky hair @SarahLoven is a beautiful american girl who has dedicated this period of her life to discover every inch of her country with her nomad lover Josh. These two artists show off their talent, including fashion knowledge, for a living. Check out her blog and sense the wanderlust in each photography.


Straight from Spain, @MadameDeRosa has this exotic beauty that will capture your heart. What we most love about her: the passion she has for everything she does. She’s an authentic passionista spreading the right vibe to all her followers.


This wild spirit, classy, fancy, boholuxe chic all the way from Australia has been a huge inspiration for us. We just adore Helen from @GypsyLovinLight! Check out what’s in her bag for every trip she does. She’s got the boho beach wear you’ll love.


Meet all type of bohemian wear from around the world with @IbizaBohoGirl trips. She just had to get inspired on our home land Ibiza. With her free spirit and her passion for jewelry, just like us, she exposes her love for all boho chic accessories. Fall in love with the best arm parties, ring stacks and long necklaces.

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