The D'Orsay

D'Orsay Flats
There have only been a handful of shoes to completely dominate, conquer, and pillage the city of L.A. and the D'Orsay has recently become one of them. I mean, they're technically legends in the making. The skin to shoe ratio is pretty much perfect for the summer. Not to mention that it avoids the dreaded 'oh no' moment when you realize that your sandals aren't as cute as you thought because your pedicure's more than three weeks old.  Eeeeek, right?
If you're on a budget, shoes 1, 2, and are all under $50 (what? yes, i know!) and calling your name. Do you hear them? Calling? But you may be feeling fancy. In which case, try 5, a Jenni Kayne original -- the woman who made them popular again.
Which color's your fave, passionistas?

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