All those Spring/Summer outfits you start daydreamin’ with as soon as flowers start to bloom and climate gets warmer go just right with Ibiza Passion accessories. We have just the essentials to match your favorite style. From White Tee’s, to spring dresses, torn jeans + everything in between, our jewelry will always be the right choice to dress up for the occasion.

If you’re looking for a classic but different + some protection for Easter season, you’ll love our Pray & Love Collection. Those things that help to keep us lucid when everything else is foggy…  the things that we rely on to get us through the week... that morning coffee or a mid afternoon meditation…  you can find all them in these beautiful devotions.

Our advice? Keep it simple with luminous details. Chances are you’ll look your best if you feel your best. On that note, here are our favorite gold plated accessories, most lusted looks + positive vibes.


Thrust in faith with Milagrosa Virgin Necklace. She will concede you the deepest desires if you honor her with dedication. Add this medal necklace in any color.

Wear your Lord’s Prayer in gold plated medal. 3 languages, 3 sizes, pick your best…


Add that last perfect touch to your little white dress for the evening with 18K Gold Plated Hail Mary Medal

Want more? Check out these ring chains...

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