April’s commin’ and flowers start to bloom all over. Spring season is our favorite ‘cause it’s the time were we can blossom out our lovely colors. Fashion industry always knows how to make us fall in love with its floral stamped fabric. Whether you go for a preppy look to a classic one, floral is a great touch to your outfit.

Going for a walk downtown or the park? Grab your CANDY Heart Earrings and your Camel color Heart Wrap to match your slippers.

Have you seen these awesome boots? Perfect match for your FOLD ME Suede Cuff to get that boho luxe style. Take your cardigan just in case it gets chilly at night.

Rose on roses never gets us tired. Loving it floral with these pants and our Rose Bracelet w/ gold plated beads. Wear your stylish sunglasses all the time. 

Go waky with a Coachella look in these black gladiators and your flower stamped tank… Wear your Carved Silver Cuff + add the boho final touch with ANTALYA Fringe Necklace in Black & Silver.

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