We have an important memo for you on this special occasion! “No matter what you wish to be, always be YOU! Be YOU tiful”. The greatest beauty in a woman is her unique personality. The things you do, the actions you make, your particular abilities and your own nature are all virtues that stand out your exclusive beauty. We know how hard it is sometimes to remember this. That’s why we have designed our lovely bracelet with the message “Be (You) tiful” as the engraving on its steel flower plate.

Today is International Woman’s Day and Ibiza Passion wants to remind you the importance of being yourself. Each one of us have different features and personalities that make us attractive. We believe no human being is perfect and the best way to radiate our personal charm is finding the catch in each one of our peculiarities. When you truly understand and accept you, the loveliness inside blooms out in your physical appearance.

Discover the power in diversity with these different types of gorgeous woman, just beautiful for whom they are.

Meet Valen! This cutie right here is quite the passionista... Known around town for her bright smile & wild soul… Constantly reminding everyone around her to always BE.YOU…TIFUL!

This passionista is quite the bomb... A mom, an architect and a dancer by heart! But what we love most, is her unique way of enjoying life by always staying true to herself! 

Tammy is a hard working student living in the middle of a chaotic city. She is fearless and can’t wait to graduate and dive into the world of business… Free spirited and wildy beautiful for being herself!

A student who loves to volunteer her time to different causes and dreams of spending her life doing so. Spreading joy and love to all of those who meet her, Vivian knows she is beautiful for being herself!

Hail to the “Queen”... literally! Cause that’s the meaning of her name in Spanish. A qualified Marketing Genius, but above all, Reina rocks everyone’s world with her wild spirit and an energetic personality… Always remember to be true to yourself, it will be the most beautiful version of yourself!

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